After becoming a licensed plumber in 2003 and working across all sectors of plumbing, our founder Keith decided he wanted to create a company that was unparalleled in customer service. With this vision in mind and by providing the highest level of plumbing service, Plumbs Up was born!

Keith has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Both a dedicated family man and stalwart of the community, Keith decided a company could do more than just provide a basic level of service. Having helped the local community through soccer coaching, instructing minor hockey, and volunteering at school events, Keith wanted to create a business that could give back to the community in various ways. Time and time again, Plumbs Up have achieved this goal through the support of charities, non-profits organizations and by fundraising and volunteering.

Supporting Plumbs Up means supporting your local community!

Keith and Plumbs Up are proud to offer more than just plumbing. We always ensure our clients receive quality customer service and we’re on a mission to exceed your expectations. We are confident your experience with us will be positive, fulfilling and memorable. Whether we are fitting your dream bathroom, or simply unblocking a drain, we strive to make your time with Plumbs Up as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

At Plumbs Up, we provide plumbing solutions to help you live a comfortable, happier, and healthier life! So, give us a call at 1-888-627-0788 today. Our friendly, transparent and licensed team servicing the Dufferin County and York Region are ready to help with any job, large or small!