Here at Plumbs Up, we ensure our customers have access to the best plumbing services in the region. With flat-rate pricing, strong customer service, and experienced professionals, Plumbs Up is committed to making sure your bathroom runs with full functionality.

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In-home assessment

Is one of your fixtures leaking? Perhaps water pressure is low, and you can’t diagnose the problem? Whatever the problem, give us a call today and one of our experienced plumbers will come to you, assess the problem, and let you know whether we can repair or whether a replacement is necessary.

Bathtub and Shower

Our licensed plumbers are ready to fit the bathroom you have always dreamed off. Whatever your style, we can install it. Whether you want a bathtub with a shower, or perhaps you want a walk-in shower, give us a call, and we will come and install it! We work with you and your current plumbing to make sure your new bathroom features fit with your existing water systems.

Toilet and Sink Installation and Repair

Perhaps your toilet is cracked, it repeatedly becomes clogged, or it is not efficient anymore? If you suspect or experience any of this, it might be worth replacing your toilet. Pick a style of toilet and sink that suits you, and then give us a call to fit it! If you’re not sure what you want or need some friendly advice on what toilet and sinks are available, give us a call. If we decide that a replacement is necessary, we are happy to advise on recommendations, but ultimately, it’s your choice!


Get started on that bathroom you’ve always dreamed of and give us a call at 1-888-627-0788. Our friendly, transparent, and licensed team servicing the Dufferin County, and York Region are ready to help!