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There’s no doubt that kitchen sinks can take a battering. Think of all the food, oils and debris that inadvertently end up down the drain? Often, these substances can travel deep into the drains, requiring a professional plumber to clean them out properly.

Basement Drains

Basement drains are vital in preventing flooding in your home. Therefore, any blockages should be taken seriously to avoid any structural damage to your home! If you suspect your basement drains are clogged, let us clean them out.


Shower drains are the obvious ones. When you shower, hair, dirt, and half a soccer field can end up down there when your kids are out playing in the summer! Shower drains are often in need of a clean, and only a professional plumber can get deep enough into the drainage system to provide a thorough clean.


The downspout drains main enemy? leaves! Your downspout drains, are again, key to your property ensuring water is funnelled away from the house, so make sure they are working correctly!

When your drains are ready for a clean, or you suspect they are not functioning correctly, give our Dufferin County and York Region plumbers a call at 1-888-627-0788.